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Room additions have replaced moving to a new house among budget-minded homeowners. You love your home, you love where it is; we can give you more space for comfortable living.

  • Kitchens
  • Family rooms
  • Multi-media entertainment rooms
  • Bedrooms and master suites
  • Dining rooms
  • Home offices

Why move? Move a wall! We provide top quality construction of room additions.

We excel at room additions that respect the original charm, style, and dash of your home. With 30 years of local experience, we have the expertise to maintain the integrity of the style of your home, and of course we ensure structural stability during construction. If you have engaged an architect and designer, let us join the team to bring about the results you want.

Add a kitchen – add lifestyle: Making a kitchen a whole new room is among the most satisfying changes you can make in a home. You get to design from scratch the convenience, traffic flow, cupboard space, and food preparation area you want. You can have it just as you have always wanted, for instance, cupboard placement is practically unlimited. You finally get that kitchen island you’ve dreamed of. Cabinetry is configured to match your needs. Your kitchen will be perfect, making it a favorite place for family and friends to gather.
One significant difference between room additions for new kitchens versus gutting your current one is that you can use the one you have while a turnkey replacement takes shape. Let us cook “from scratch” a new room that is innovative and incredible.

Family rooms or multi-media entertainment rooms can claim space on the side or rear of your home, off of an existing kitchen or a home entryway. Whether you envision a home theater room or a family room, we have the skilled tradesmen to build in the cabinetry and configurations for music components and wide screen TV. A bar and a snack area or kitchenette is frequently included. Call us for a hobby room or of course a children’s play room.

Bedrooms and master suites are very popular room additions. Some people “go up”; that is, they add a second floor master suite designed with all of the luxuries including a master bath, reading or sewing area. If your plan is to “go out” into a yard or perhaps claiming the space of an existing driveway, there are many options for creating a hallway extension leading to the room. Of course, closet space and a dressing area are exciting options.

You’ve always wanted a dining room. Our Arizona ranch homes used to be built with eat-in kitchens only. Perhaps you’ve longed for a more elegant space for entertaining and for main family meals. These room additions can be off of or convenient to the kitchen. We can open space by moving an outside wall of the existing kitchen, and we can add formality by making the addition off of the living room. Dining room additions are also an opportunity to claim space in front of a home.

Home offices make sense these days. Whether it is space for running a home-based business, or a place to run the family finances, you can have it off of a bedroom, kitchen or family room. Cabinetry is a must, and it’s an opportunity to pick up additional closet space.

Room additions are one of our construction specialties. Go with an expert.

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