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Replacement windows make an enormous difference in your home. You get energy efficiency, a beautiful improvement in your home, and added security. There are so many styles to choose from.

  • Casement
  • Bay or bow
  • Double hung
  • Gliding (sometimes called sliding)
  • Picture window
  • Awning style
  • Double-glazed
  • Grids
  • Art glass
  • Safety glass

We use top-quality replacement windows, and always deliver top-notch installation.

Whether you are updating an entire house, or adding or replacing a few windows in a single room, you have found the home improvement contractor who has been the first choice in The Valley for 30 years. We recommend top manufacturers to help you find the style you need at the price your budget allows.

Why use a home remodeling contractor for replacement windows? If you have chosen a different size or shape from the window you have now, you can be confident that we have the know-how to execute this construction precisely. We are expert at matching changes in exterior and interior walls to the original. House painting is also a specialty. Our deep experience enables us to keep disruption to a minimum and deliver on-time completion. The project will go smoothly and far more efficiently when our experienced field crews do it.

Replacement windows can pay for themselves. Your new windows begin paying you back immediately in energy savings. Modern windows are insulating, and so you can cut your use of air conditioning and heating by an average of 25 percent. Replacing old, leaky models with tight, weather sealed versions can be remarkably energy saving. With double glazed windows and design innovations in the frame, your new windows can pay for themselves over time.

Energy efficient replacement windows are vastly superior. It’s about the glass, or glazing, and about the frames. They are airtight, water tight and keep heat and cool “in”. They also keep hot air out.

Glazing keeps solar heat out, and winter heat in, by tinting the glass in the factory. Some models have a coating or a thin, see-through film. Others have layers of glass with the space in between filled with thermal gas. New windows often combine more than one of these improvements.

The thickness and weight of the frames and sash impact style, but also alter the thermal qualities. The sash and frame make up nearly 30% of the total area of the window unit, and when they are manufactured to be tight and protective, they definitely contribute to the performance of energy efficient replacement windows.

Improve the interior and exterior look of your home. You can get decorative grids to give the look of panes without losing energy efficiency. Art glass is available to turn replacement windows into conversation pieces. We’ll show you the look and you can plan the feel you want. Vinyl windows do not limit you to a white color; you also have a choice of colors that give you the maintenance-free performance of vinyl.

A great door makes a difference. Don’t overlook the doors. You can save energy and increase security. You will add curb appeal and a welcoming style to the entrance of your home. Choose from elegant wood or the protection of steel. They are manufactured today with a tighter fit and better weather stripping in order to make a contribution to your energy savings.
You have found the top choice for replacement windows and expert installation.

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