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Exterior painting accomplishes two of the three “Rs” that make up our name:

Renewal: new paint renews your home.
Restoration: Preparation for painting restores the surfaces
Our customers rate our exterior painting “superior”.

The success of a painting project is not determined at the end. 80% of a quality paint job is preparation of the surface. Good paint is designed to adhere and last when the surface is clean and smooth. You can count on prep work that includes all of the necessary steps:

  • Scraping and wire brushing
  • Repairing and patching
  • Caulking
  • Mold and mildew treatment
  • Masking and taping
  • Covering greenery and outdoor furniture
  • Priming or sealing

There are two other essential parts of our exterior painting. We always recommend a good grade of paint. It lasts longer and goes on better, often reducing the need for a second coat. And only the best-trained painters work for us. You can trust that the people who come to your home are experienced and respectful of your property.

Let’s face it. Our Arizona climate is tough on a paint job. Colors tend to fade more often in the relentless sun. UV rays cause paint to deteriorate more quickly than in other parts of the country. Most people find themselves investing in exterior painting every 4 to 5 years. This is an investment that you will live with for years. Our goal is to exceed your expectations beginning with color selection and ending as you stand back and admire the quality work. We are happy to paint “test spots” of color and texture for your final approval. Before you step back to survey the whole project, we’ll have cleaned up and left no evidence we were there; except, of course, the fresh new look of your home. We have very satisfied customers from Surprise to Chandler.

Dirt and microorganisms are the enemy of good exterior painting. Our preparation and cleaning remove any dirt, pollution, or mildew. Old paint is bad for fresh paint. We employ old fashioned elbow grease with wire brushes and scrapers to clear the last of the loose old paint. Even the best coat of paint cannot cover flaws. We find, repair and patch every crack and hole in the siding of your house. Insect damage needs to be treated and then patched. The difference between good and good enough is caulk.
We always remove old putty around window casements and in seams. This is how you get a finished look from exterior painting. It is also an opportunity to seal pesky drafts. Caulk is cheap. Air conditioning is not.

Because we send good painters, you can be confident that the paint goes where it is intended, and not all over windows, greenery, patios and walkways. Everything that should be is protected from splatters with expert masking and taping and proper covering.

Priming and sealing may be needed, particularly on surfaces such as stucco. We may need to prime to ensure that the paint bonds with the surface. Quality exterior painting requires good paint — it dries more quickly. Inferior brands stay tacky for a long time. If you apply the second coat before the first is dry, your paint job “alligators”; it separates into pockets. We would have to scrape it off and start over.

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Our crews take pride in their work so that you can take pride in your home.

We offer exterior painting in Phoenix as well as Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Surprise, Gilbert and Chandler.