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Have you dreamed of bathroom remodeling but considered it beyond your budget? Let us show you how we can renew your bathroom affordably. If the scope of the project is less of a concern, it is all the more reason to choose one of the most experienced renovation contractors in this area.

Top reasons to embark on bathroom remodeling now:

  • A slowdown in new home construction has resulted in manufacturer deals for fixtures such as designer sinks and showers.
  • Transforming an existing bath can bring a 70% return on investment if you plan to sell your home when the market recovers.
  • If you’ve decided to stay put, the luxury, comfort and convenience will make you glad you stayed.
Trust your bathroom remodeling to a firm with 30 years of experience.

Let us help you imagine possibilities for relaxation, creature comforts and beauty. We’ve had a lot of practice at eliminating hassles. We honestly relay to you the phases of the project and what you can expect next. There are two main reasons our customers rave about our bathroom remodeling service: the quality of the workmanship, and the fact that we communicate with them. We have eliminated “not knowing”.

Hassles? Never. High quality? Always: There is no excuse for poor planning, delays or budget busting because costs were not adequately from the outset. It won’t happen. Count on it! Since we are with you from design to final walk-through, we develop a complete understanding of the features you want and the budget we need to maintain. Our experience gives us the ability to set costs and keep to them. Our network of quality sub-contractors and vendors enables us to provide a free budget estimate for bathroom remodeling that is honest to begin with and realistic from the start.

Bathrooms are generally 50 square feet or less, but you are not limited to that space. We can show you how to gain extra room with new configuration, fixtures designed to take advantage of corners, and we can discuss picking up extra room from a nearby closet or hallway. Forty million home projects in a single year involve bathroom remodeling. Your house may be only five years old, yet at that age many bathrooms are already out-of-date.

Energy efficiency is the hot ticket for home owners who want to save utility costs every month. Low flow toilets really cut water bills. Plumbing fixtures – such as shower heads – add water savings. Today’s lighting is designed to conserve electricity, which reduces another monthly bill. How about a skylight to add natural light – save energy – and add drama?

Many bathrooms older than ten years need work on “hidden” things, such as plumbing problems waiting to happen. As our crews remove old vanities, fixtures and tile we spot and prevent problems in-the-making, most often small leaks you didn’t know existed, which prevents mold, mildew and even structural failure.

Make your new bathroom remodeling project the addition of a new room. We can “carve” it out of existing space, and we are expert at adding a room to a house. Imagine putting room size low on the list of concerns as we design and build a luxurious new room off of a master bedroom or rear of your house. A powder room for guests, perhaps located in a seldom-used closet, adds elegance to entertaining.

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We offer bathroom remodeling in Phoenix as well as Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Surprise, Gilbert and Chandler.